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Shanghai industrial boilers provide a one to one solution for different industry attributes and needs of customer enterprises.

Overall design of wireless monitoring system Overall design of wireless monitoring system

The monitoring system consists of three parts: a boiler operating in the field, a wireless communication device, and a monitoring center server. The wireless communication device and the boiler are connected through a 232 interface, and the wireless communication device transmits the collected real-time data to the monitoring center through the wireless network. Since wireless transmission is not limited by distance, multiple wireless stations can be connected to one monitoring center at the same time, so one monitoring center can detect multiple boilers. The monitoring center software is mainly responsible for processing the data sent by the boiler and displaying it in real time on the computer. The monitoring center saves historical data. At the same time, the monitoring center will alarm the dangerous data that may appear in real time.

Industrial boiler monitoring demand Industrial boiler monitoring demand

At present, there are hundreds of thousands of large and small boilers in operation in China. The boilers are widely used in electric power, heating, bathing and other industries. In the course of use, due to the negligence of the operator, the use of the boiler is often caused. The online wireless monitoring system of the boiler is to monitor the operation of the boiler in real time and online, and to warn the potential danger of the boiler in advance to avoid accidents. The system collects the operating state of the boiler's temperature, pressure, liquid level and so on in real time. When it is judged that the boiler is operating in a dangerous state, it will promptly alarm and take necessary operations.

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