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Brand service

Based on services, quality and technology development.

Pre-sale service

No matter if you contact us in any way, we will respond quickly according to your needs, and let our professional engineers communicate repeatedly to guide you to choose the right product accurately and economically.

Our professional engineers will take you to our modern production base in Wuxi and the technical center that gathers senior R&D talents to let you know our manufacturing and production base, the company's research and development strength and comfortable office space. Everything from the company will prove your wisdom. select.

Sale service

After pre-sales mutual understanding, our professional engineers will further understand the real needs of customers. If necessary, we will send professional engineers to the project site to conduct an inspection and determine the initial overall selection plan based on field analysis.

According to the user's various needs for the project, our company will set up a professional design team to design a design that meets the customer's needs and is economical. Into the manufacturing process, we also welcome customers to supervise the entire production process anytime and anywhere to ensure that customers receive high quality products.

After-sale service

1. According to the contract, the company provides full guidance for installation, commissioning and trial operation until it is officially run to ensure the boiler installation quality and commissioning.

2. The company provides training for boiler operation management personnel to ensure safe and stable operation of the boiler.

3. In order to enhance the competitiveness of the company's products, we will return to the company's customers on a regular basis to understand the customer's use of the company's products, collect customer feedback information, in order to improve in the future research and development and manufacturing process, and develop a high competitiveness. , high quality SGG products to meet customer needs.

4. Outside the warranty period, our company provides various types of furnace-type accessories for SGG boilers that customers operate online to meet the needs of users for maintenance and transformation.

5. Within 12 months from the delivery, we provide the main machine (including the drum, convection tube bundle, superheater, economizer, air preheater, fluidized bed, air chamber, air distribution plate, hood, separator, etc.) Maintenance service.

Remote diagnosis

Shanghai industrial boilers provide a one to one solution for different industry attributes and needs of customer enterprises.

Overall design of wireless monitoring systemOverall design of wireless monitoring system

The monitoring system consists of three parts: a boiler operating in the field, a wireless communication device, and a monitoring center server. The wireless communication device and the boiler are connected through a 232 interface, and the wireless communication device transmits the collected real-time data to the monitoring center through the wireless network. Since wireless transmission is not limited by distance, multiple wireless stations can be connected to one monitoring center at the same time, so one monitoring center can detect multiple boilers. The monitoring center software is mainly responsible for processing the data sent by the boiler and displaying it in real time on the computer. The monitoring center saves historical data. At the same time, the monitoring center will alarm the dangerous data that may appear in real time.

Industrial boiler monitoring demandIndustrial boiler monitoring demand

At present, there are hundreds of thousands of large and small boilers in operation in China. The boilers are widely used in electric power, heating, bathing and other industries. In the course of use, due to the negligence of the operator, the use of the boiler is often caused. The online wireless monitoring system of the boiler is to monitor the operation of the boiler in real time and online, and to warn the potential danger of the boiler in advance to avoid accidents. The system collects the operating state of the boiler's temperature, pressure, liquid level and so on in real time. When it is judged that the boiler is operating in a dangerous state, it will promptly alarm and take necessary operations.

Boiler knowledge

Shanghai industrial boilers provide a one to one solution for different industry attributes and needs of customer enterprises.

The boiler is an important heat supply equipment in the national economy. The power, machinery, metallurgy, chemical, textile, paper, food and other industries, as well as industrial and civil heating, require boilers to supply a large amount of heat.

The boiler is a device that heats the working medium (intermediate heat carrier) to a certain parameter by using the heat energy or other energy released by the combustion of the fuel. A boiler that is used to heat water to convert it into steam is called a steam boiler. A boiler that is used to heat water to increase the temperature to hot water is called a hot water boiler; and a boiler used to heat an organic heat carrier is called an organic heat carrier boiler.

Classification of boilers

一、 Classified by purpose

1. Power station boiler: used for power generation, mostly large-capacity, high-parameter boiler, fire chamber combustion, high efficiency, export working medium is superheated steam; 2. Industrial boiler: used for industrial production and heating, most of which are low pressure and low temperature Small-capacity boilers, burning of fire beds, low thermal efficiency, export, working fluid is called steam boiler, hot water boiler is called hot water boiler; 3. marine boiler; 4. locomotive boiler; 5. Steam injection boiler: used for steam injection thermal recovery of heavy oil in oil field, the export working medium is generally high pressure wet steam.

二、 Classified by structure

1. Fire tube boiler: flue gas flows through the fire tube, generally small capacity, low parameter boiler, low thermal efficiency, but simple structure, low water quality requirements, convenient operation and maintenance; 2. water tube boiler: steam water flows through the tube, can It can be made into a small-capacity, low-parameter boiler, and can also be made into a large-capacity, high-parameter boiler. Power station boilers are generally water tube boilers with high thermal efficiency, but also have high requirements on water quality and operating level.

三、 Classified by cycle

1. Natural circulation drum boiler; 2. Multiple forced circulation boiler boiler; 3. Low-rate circulating boiler; 4. Direct current boiler; 5. Composite circulating boiler.

四、 Classified by boiler outlet working pressure

1. Low pressure boiler: general pressure is less than 1.275MPa; 2. medium pressure boiler: general pressure is 3.825MPa; 3. high pressure boiler: general pressure is 9.8MPa; 4. ultra high pressure boiler: general pressure is 13.73MPa; 5. subcritical Pressure boiler: general pressure is 16.67MPa; 6. supercritical pressure boiler: general pressure is 22.13MPa.

五、 Classified by combustion method

1. Fire-bed combustion boiler: mainly used in industrial boilers, including fixed grate furnaces, reciprocating grate furnaces, etc.; 2. Fire chamber combustion boilers: mainly used in power station boilers, boilers burning liquid fuel, gaseous fuel and pulverized coal Both are fire chamber combustion boilers; 3. Boiling furnace: The air flow rate sent to the grate is high, so that large particles of coal are tumbling in the boiling bed above the grate, and small particles of coal are rising and burning with the air.

六、 Classified by fuel or energy used

1. Solid fuel boiler: burning solid fuel such as coal; 2. Liquid fuel boiler: burning liquid fuel such as heavy oil; 3. Gas fuel boiler: burning gaseous fuel such as natural gas.

七、 Classified by slag discharge method

1. Solid waste slag boiler; 2. Liquid slag discharge boiler.

八、 According to the furnace flue gas pressure

1. Negative pressure boiler: the furnace pressure maintains negative pressure, there is a delivery and induced draft fan, which is the main type of coal-fired boiler; 2. Micro-positive pressure boiler: the furnace pressure is 2-5KPa, no need for induced draft fan, easy to low-oxygen combustion.

九、 Drum layout classification

1. Single drum; 2. Double drum.

十、Waste heat boiler

Use waste heat from industries such as metallurgy and petrochemical industry as heat source.

十一、Atomic energy boiler

A steam generator that uses thermal energy released by a nuclear reactor as a heat source.

十二、Waste heat boiler

A boiler that uses waste such as garbage, bark, and waste liquid as fuel.

十三、 Other energy boilers

A steam generator or water heater that uses energy such as geothermal or solar energy.
Class A boiler: rated working pressure (gauge pressure, the same below) P ≥ 3.8 MPa boiler, including: 1. Ultra-supercritical boiler: P ≥ 27.0MPa or rated outlet temperature ≥ 590 ° C boiler; 2. Supercritical boiler: 22.1MPa≤P<27.0MPa; 3. Subcritical boiler: 16.7MPa≤P<22.1MPa; 4.UHP boiler: 13.7MPa≤P<16.7MPa; 5.High pressure boiler: 9.8MPa≤P<13.7MPa;6 Sub-high pressure boiler: 5.4MPa ≤ P < 9.8MPa; 7. Medium pressure boiler: 3.8MPa ≤ P < 5.4MPa.
Class B boiler: 1. Steam boiler: 0.8MPa<P<3.8MPa or rated evaporation >1.0t/h; 2. Hot water boiler: rated outlet temperature ≥120°C or rated thermal power>4.2MW; 3. Organic heat Carrier boiler: (1) boiler using gas phase organic heat carrier; (2) liquid phase organic heat carrier boiler: rated thermal power > 4.2 MW.
Class C boiler, the following boilers except D-class boiler: 1. Steam boiler: steam boiler with rated working pressure ≤0.8MPa and rated evaporation ≤1.0t/h; 2.Hot water boiler: rated effluent temperature <120°C and Rated thermal power ≤ 4.2MW; 3. Liquid phase organic heat carrier boiler: rated thermal power ≤ 4.2MW.
Class D boiler: 1. Steam boiler: water volume ≤ 50L and rated working pressure <0.8MPa when designing normal water level; 2. Steam-water dual-purpose boiler: boiler with rated working pressure ≤0.04MPa and rated evaporation ≤0.5t/h; E Only hot water boiler pressurized with tap water, and the water temperature is ≤ 95 °C.

十四、 Free name classification

Coal-fired boilers, hot water boilers, oil-fired boilers, steam boilers, electric boilers, environmentally friendly boilers, special boilers, gas boilers, water tube boilers, heat transfer oil boilers, special boilers, dual fuel boilers, waste heat boilers, atmospheric boilers, electric boilers, Industrial boilers, hot air boilers, pressure boilers, vacuum boilers, chain boilers, domestic boilers, biogas boilers, heating boilers, tea bath boilers, power station boilers, straw gasifiers, incinerators, coal water slurry boilers, gas generators , organic heat carrier boiler, circulating fluidized bed boiler. Note: The boilers we often refer to are industrial boilers, steam boilers, hot water boilers and organic heat carrier boilers.

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