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Brand service

Based on services, quality and technology development.

Pre-sale service

No matter if you contact us in any way, we will respond quickly according to your needs, and let our professional engineers communicate repeatedly to guide you to choose the right product accurately and economically.

Our professional engineers will take you to our modern production base in Wuxi and the technical center that gathers senior R&D talents to let you know our manufacturing and production base, the company's research and development strength and comfortable office space. Everything from the company will prove your wisdom. select.

Sale service

After pre-sales mutual understanding, our professional engineers will further understand the real needs of customers. If necessary, we will send professional engineers to the project site to conduct an inspection and determine the initial overall selection plan based on field analysis.

According to the user's various needs for the project, our company will set up a professional design team to design a design that meets the customer's needs and is economical. Into the manufacturing process, we also welcome customers to supervise the entire production process anytime and anywhere to ensure that customers receive high quality products.

After-sale service

1. According to the contract, the company provides full guidance for installation, commissioning and trial operation until it is officially run to ensure the boiler installation quality and commissioning.

2. The company provides training for boiler operation management personnel to ensure safe and stable operation of the boiler.

3. In order to enhance the competitiveness of the company's products, we will return to the company's customers on a regular basis to understand the customer's use of the company's products, collect customer feedback information, in order to improve in the future research and development and manufacturing process, and develop a high competitiveness. , high quality SGG products to meet customer needs.

4. Outside the warranty period, our company provides various types of furnace-type accessories for SGG boilers that customers operate online to meet the needs of users for maintenance and transformation.

5. Within 12 months from the delivery, we provide the main machine (including the drum, convection tube bundle, superheater, economizer, air preheater, fluidized bed, air chamber, air distribution plate, hood, separator, etc.) Maintenance service.

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