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Coal-fired boilers below 20t/h in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province will be cleared

Recently, Taiyuan City issued the latest "Taiyuan City to win the blue sky defense war to attack the action plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan" proposed, from now until October 15, Taiyuan will implement dust pollution prevention, diesel trucks and bulk material transport vehicles Pollution control, industrial enterprise bidding reform, industrial furnace kiln pollution control, "disintegration" enterprise comprehensive rectification, key industries limit production and emission reduction, loose coal clean treatment, non-point source pollution remediation, central, ecological environment department, provincial environmental protection inspector ( Investigate and handle the nine major battles such as the rectification and implementation of key cases, to improve the quality of the provincial environment and to lay a solid foundation for the improvement of the atmospheric environment during the winter heating period, and achieve a double year-on-year decrease in PM10 concentration and NO2 concentration.

The "Proposal" proposes that before the end of September, Taigang completed the pilot project of ultra-low emission of coking plant, and Yanghua Chemical completed the ultra-low emission conversion of coal-fired boilers; realized coal transportation in Taigang and No. 2 power plants during the year; centralized rectification of coking, cement and steel All kinds of unorganized emissions in the heavy pollution industry, all coal yards, material yards and slag yards in the plant area at the end of September were fully closed, and all overdue were included in the autumn and winter peak production.

Comprehensive investigation of industrial furnaces and kiln, industrial furnaces and kiln not included in the checklist, all included in the autumn and winter peak production program, the implementation of production suspension.

Establish a dynamic management mechanism for “scattering and pollution” enterprises. Before the end of September, complete a new round of “scattering and pollution” enterprise inspection work, and effectively implement “two breaks and three clears” for shutting down the banning categories (cut off industrial water, electricity, and raw materials). , products, production equipment); environmental impact assessment for integrated relocation. If the enterprise fails to meet the requirements of the governance standards, the power company shall not provide power supply, and if the power supply is violated, the responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

The coking and cement industries have implemented limited production and reduced pollutant emissions. From September 1st to September 15th, Meijin Coal Coking and Meijin Coking will carry out heat preservation operation; from September 16th to September 30th, Longhui Coking and Sanxing Coking will carry out heat preservation operation; October 1st - October 15th Days of stagnation of coking and Hong Kong source coking are carried out in heat preservation; from August 15th to September 5th, Shuangliang Cement stops kiln; September 6th - September 25th, landscape kiln stops; September 26th - October 15th Jinyuan Cement and Shitou Cement stop the kiln. The spraying process in the chemical, foundry, building materials and other industries will limit production by 20% during the attack.

In accordance with the "Program", before October 15th, the task of rural clean heating renovation in the plains of the three counties and one city was completed. In the three counties and one city, 193 decentralized coal-fired heating boilers of less than 20 tons have been “zeroed”. Complete the standardization of the special emission limits for air pollutants of two sets of 240 steam-ton standby coal-fired boilers and two 180-ton steam-ton standby coal-fired boilers in the Qingxu County heat source plant, and fully implement atmospheric pollutants before the end of September. Special emission limit requirements. Before the end of September, the three counties and one city built-up area will be built into a “forbidden coal zone”, and the implementation of the ban on the sale of coal, embargo, and ban will be implemented, and the implementation of “one clear and two dismantling” (cleaning coal, dismantling boilers (burning stoves), and removing coal stoves) will be implemented.
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